Getting myself ready.....

Morning everyone ! Hope everyone is well today and feeling good : )

I am starting to get my body ready for TTC, I have quit smoking and cut down on drinking, and I am in my healthy weight range. A couple of questions....

Did you go to the Drs before you started trying?

Also, am I supposed to start taking folic acid now in preparation? Where do I get it from, chemist?

Any more tips for getting ready to start trying?

Countdown to coming off the pill is on ! 8 days to go : ) xxxxxx


  • Hiya,

    well done you for stopping smoking, i bet that must have been very hard for you!

    We're only in our first month of trying, i was on depo and had my last injection two years ago, but that takes ages to get out of your system.

    I hadn't been to the Dr and i think that you only really go if you think you'd have cause to worry or if its been a while (maybe 6 months) and nothing has happened at all.

    You should prob take folic acid now (super common, its in supermarkets etc..) as it takes an egg about 3 months to get made and so you should keep it healthy from the word go! Also if your OH wants to take zinc or something to help him.

    I think thats all really if you are already a healthy person.

    Maybe start working out your cycle with fertility friend or a normal calander as it might be helpful later-i wish i did this. I also think agnus castus is quite good for regulating yoru cycle which might be worth a go (i didnt find this is my supermarket, so maybe its a health food/chemist sort of buy)

  • I went to my GP before starting to ttc. I think if you have questions then it can be useful. I was concerned about rubella so wanted to get my immunity checked. I was told by a friend that I should wait 3 months after coming off the pill before trying and my GP said not to bother because there is no danger in starting straight away and actually you can have a peak of fertility in the first month or so! So that was good to know. And I got pregnant first month of trying so really glad I took her advice!

    Do start taking folic acid now - that is supposed to be taken 3 months before getting pregnant. I hadn't expected to get pregnant so quick so I had only taken it for a few weeks but the sooner the better really.

    I think you've done most of the hard work and sound pretty well prepared. Sex every 2-3 days from now on and you should be fine!
  • yay i second all that xx
  • Thanks girls !! Really helpful xxxx
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