Is this a positive OPK on CD10?

Hi ladies,

I have a 30 day cycle. I am thinking about TTC in a few months time, but I will be using a donor, so wanted to check when I ovulate in my cycle for a few months, to work out lutheal phase etc. I started to POAS CD7 - which I know is ridiculously early, however this morning I got what I think is a positive. What do you ladies think?



  • i reckon it is hun x
  • Surely I can't have a 20 day LP tho?!
  • Hiya, sorry Gemsie but I would say no, (might be wrong thou!) I'm taking it that the control line is on the right and test line on the left, the control line looks darker than the test line to me xx
  • I would rather it be negative at the moment to be honest as I am only CD10. I also think it might be neg, too. Yes, test line on the left. I normally OV on CD16, but never had a pos OPK, that's just based on ovulation pain and CM. I do have niggly ovary pains and CM has got more watery but no EWCM yet which I normally get with OV. Think my body might just be gearing up.
  • I would say it was neg, this is what mine look like on CD10 but I have a 27/28 day cycle. I would say that if you do one tomorrow then it would be pos, mine always are the day after they look like this. Good luck with everything

  • Yeah maybe I will have a slightly shorter cycle than normal. Means AF will show up quicker - joy! image
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