Very very confused!

Right, this is complicated so please bear with me...

I definitely ov-ed 3 weeks ago as this was confirmed by ultrasound to look for polycystic ovaries (which I do have, booo!) and ewcm and ov pains. AF STILL HASN'T ARRIVED, SO 1 WEEK LATE NOW. I got a BFN 2 days ago, not fmu and pee was v dilute, silly I know. BFN on non-fmu 3 days before that.

Should I test again? I'm getting tired of putting myself through poas all the time, have done 4 now and each time a BFN really hurts. We have our first fertility appt at the hospital in 4 days' time so should I just leave it til then?

ss- metal taste, tired, had brown cm and cramps 10 days- a week ago, no pmt or cramping now.


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