My symptoms before BFP.

Morning girls,

Thought I would share my symptom as I know I have been reading through everyone elses....

Firstly I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy last month so we had a month of not trying. They found nothing wrong with me which was great but our consultant told us that they do see a peak of pregnancies after this procedure as the dye clears out the tubes.

Anyway... I have a 30 day cycle so I ovulate around day 16.

I had acupuncture once this month when I was ovulating, first time I have tried it.

5dpo - felt weepy (can be normal for me - so emotional!!)
6dpo - exhausted and lots of ewcm
7 - 9dpo - nothing
10 dpo - very tired
11dpo - light brown spot, achy bb's, veiny appearance of bb's, slight lower back pain
12 dpo - felt a bit sick, low abdominal cramps, sore bb's
13 dpo - leg ache, sore bb's
14 dpo - slight achy feeling in abdomen, sore bb's, good mood (unusual when AF due) tested and got my BFP one day early.

I hope this helps. Most of my symptoms felt like my AF was coming and although it may look like I had quite a lot I still didn't feel that bad or that I was pregnant!

Baby dust to all.

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  • Aw Rubyred I can't belive the witch arrived! So annoying. Look at this as a fresh start and really think positive for next month.

    It cost me about ??125 but that is silly London prices for you and I went through the Zita West Clinic. This month we actually bd less (3 times over peak days) and for a laugh my dh shook me upside down!! (he thinks it was this that did it!).

    I completely cut out alcohol and caffeine but that is about it....

    I may have been more relaxed because I had all tests and knew I was OK.

    Sending you lots of baby dust. xxxx

  • Hi AnsyM, im just testing now at 12dpo, i know its gonna be a bfn but just need to know. How you feeling, has it sunk in yet? xx
  • Ohhh let me know what it says! Fingers crossed and sending lots of baby dust your way.

    I still can't believe I am pregnant, it seems so surreal. I am very excited but nervous. I want to tell everyone but trying to be sensible. xx
  • BFN again, i really dont think weve done it this mth because i tested 4 days before i was due af with my last baby and got my bfp, so if i was pregnant it would show by now. I just want to curl up and cry. xx
  • I am sorry Debbiemc that is so frustrating. Every pregnancy is different though, the preg test hotline told me that the hormone in your wee doubles every 48 hrs so if you test again on Sun first thing you may get your BFP. Keep up the PMA, remember I was having major doubts last week! Sending you lots and lost of baby dust. xxxx
  • Thank you Ansy, your very sweet! Dont mean to put a dampner on your fantastic news, im so very pleased for you. I think ill just wait till monday now and see if af turns up, if not ill test again tues. Thanks again hun, take care xx
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