Hey Chicken,

So got some good news and bad new this wk but the good out weighed the bad.

Bad: got a negitive blood test image Plus i have high blood pressure and low iron.

Good: hubby just got offered a new job 1 wk on 1 wk off so he'll be home more offen so more BDing and its a $30.000 pay rise (aus), I had an interview today for a job and it went So well looks like i might have it. and on wednesday he's taking the day off to sort out his new job so im going to meet him in our capital city (perth) and we're going to stay the night in a nice hotel but the best new is im ovulating THAT DAY! so now we'll have 7 cycles this month to try.

Im a very happy cookie.

How you been doing with everything? hope your jaws getting better
KArina xx


  • Hi Karina,
    Mu jaw is still sore, so feeling sorry for myself still!
    Sounds like you have had some good news, I'm really pleased. Will the doc sort out your high BP and low iron levels?
    Well done to your OH too for his new job and fingers crossed you get offered the job too.
    Enjoy your time away and make sure you make good use of every moment, lol.
    I'm on CD10 today so waiting for OV - no signs that it's on it's way yet, so just playing the waiting game.
    Take care xx
  • hey Donna

    Yeah im on medication for it now and also i have to eat more red meat (which I've gone off).

    I got a call about the job today and I didnt get it, but thats ok Hubbies said he would rather me have some more time off and get my bp and iron sorted.

    I really hope this is your month! I've started charting my temp, never done it before so should be interesting. I'm not sure what cycle day im on because AF was playing games.

    Keep me updated and i hope your jaw gets better, Oh and Ice cream feels so good!

    Karina xx
  • I've been charting my temps for the last 3 cycles and intereting to see pre and post OV temps!
    Soz to hear you didn't get the job but it's important that you take time out to get yourself better.
  • yeah thats what i think... Any tips for temp charting?
  • Hello, I use FertilityFriend. com to chart temps. Take my temp at 6.30 am every day and have my BBT thermometer on my bedside table so I don't need to get out of bed to get to it. xx
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