Ok ss'ing here we go

Girlies join in to get it out your system!

Right, 3dpo and so far

Very dizzy from waking (thought I was drunk, but you have to drink for that) till 12 in the afternoon. Head spinning everytime I moved or stood up.

Sensitive bb ends

Anyone else? lol! xxx


  • Hi 7DPO

    Since Mon every day felt nauseous for no reason, felt hot like face, hands etc hot, boobs have been sore and feel heavy, last few days had cramping sensations in my womb area, today random pain in right side of belly low down by my lady garden.

    Irrational, tired, emotional, crying at the drop of a hat!! dry lips, weird taste in back of throat..........loads of symptoms just no BFP yet!!

    Last month symptoms were same except I didnt have the feelings in my stomach etc and the sore (.) (.) so am feeling really positive.

    We tried to do SMEP and BD every 2-3 days, every day and morning around ov but I suppose it all depends on whether I timed my ov right with my OPK!!

    But you would think there was still enough of hubbys swimmers left in the race ha ha!!

    Good luck ladies, hope you get your BFP this month xx
  • cass82 you are so naughty for starting this post.lol. you should keep your bad habits to yourself.lol.

    but on another note, a couple more days and i will be joining you.lol.xxx
  • Tee hee! Its soo boring to ss by yourself! lol! You know you like it! lol!

    SD and littlewolf yur symptoms sound positive! Fingers crossed!

    Well I have cramps today and felt a little bit icky this morning - but that could have been cos I slept in late.

    Angel join us soon! yay! xxx
  • I'm currently 8DPO. Have very sore and heavy (.)(.) and feeling sicky in the morning. Also have cramps in lower back and tummy. The trouble is these can all be PMT signs for me too so not sure what to think and don't want to get my hopes up only to be dashed again!
  • Hi ladies this is weird. My first month of not being on the pill but i reckon i'm on day 16 of cycle, i woke up this morning feeling drunk (no not been drinking) and also feel really faint and out of it with my head. Hubby says he's noticed im like this too as we were just going around Tesco's! is this just response from not having the pill in my system or ??? Also how soon can u test? do you have wait till miss AF?
  • im 6dpo and so far ive had a wee bit of light headedness, feeling sick last night and sore boobs from OV that havent gone but have only got more and more tender.

    i try not to look into things too much but im quite happy my boobs hurt as i cant imagine that image
  • huni i really hope i am joining you soon. i still have niggly pains but now have no idea wether i have ovd or not. i tell you if i do not get my bfp this month i will def be charting and opking next month.lol.xxxx
  • Hee hee, knew you girls liked ss'ing as much as me!

    Emma, hope your symptoms are a bean settling in, its soo frustrating when AF and preg symptoms are the bloody same!

    Formerfox, sometimes dizziness can be ovulation or bfp or af! If you can wait till AF is due then do, but I never can. 12dpo is the earliest you can test.

    Fairy_dust, its so funny that we enjoy our bb's hurting!

    Angel, you've got to get your bfp this month, we all do, screw probability! lol!

    Symptoms today, sore bbs, gassy (eeww!) and thats about it. Do get horrid sudden sharp pulling sensations in lower abdomen when I stand up too.

    Babydust girls! xxx

  • My (.) (.) are sore at the side I have to say I have never had sore boobs before!! still having on/off headaches and feel cack!

    Babydust to everyone x
  • Two nights in a row i thought we had a gas leak cause I had a funny taste in my mouth - my oh was laughing at me and saying don't be daft, you can smell gas. I've since read about the metallic taste some people get and I think that may be what I was experiencing, I also had very very slight cramps - but nothing else and what i had seems to have gone

    Who knows x
  • aww cass hun, i hope so. i think i am finally oving. the pains were worse today and i cheated this morning and yesterday and temped and my temp is dropping so def havent ovd yet. still bdancing so finger crossed.xxxxx
  • Tee hee Angel, I would have cheated a long time ago!
    SD if you have never had sore bbs before, its looking good sweetie!

    Today was
    - Gassy - tmi sorry
    - Felt really sick from about 3ish onwards and am sitting typing thinking am gonna puke - can't be morning sickness though cos its in the evening!
    - Feel really hot
    - bbs hurt on and off
    - Had heartburn this morning
    - No cramps, which is unusual for me, hopefully a good sign!

    Hope AF stays away littlewolf!

    Babydust! xxx
  • okay need to tell people this and my friends are no help.
    my syptoms today (6DPO) are: (sorry if TMI)

    itchy / sore niples
    achy cramps in right side just below belly button
    tired all day even with loads of sleep
    Emotional (cried at coronation street)
    And heart burn

    during last week had metallic taste in mouth

    Cant help worrying i am imagining them all because i want it so much!!! xx

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  • Sounds good Charlie, fingers crossed you get your bfp this month hun xxx
  • Thanks Cass82.

    Everything crossed at the moment. x
  • Ok, todays symptoms are
    - Slight nausea this morning
    - Gassy
    - Creamy cm (sorry tmi!)
    Thats it, normally I get really sore bbs/bad cramps, but nothing! Hmm good or bad sign? lol! xxx
  • Hi Charlie
    God thats exciting - everything crossed for u
  • Another symptom to add to the list. i've felt so bloated all day trousers that are normally loose are fitting a bit too snugly. (.)(.) are sore too and got acidy stomach making me feel sick!! xx
  • More symptoms 9dpo metallic taste in back of my mouth, watery cm went to the toilet cos though it was af and loads of watery/creamy cm came out (sorry if tmi), aching legs and had a sharp pain in my right hand side, cramping was bad today too.

    Do you think this could be the baby implanting, fingers crossed for us all.

    Forgot to say my jeans were too tight yesterday and felt a bit snug, for those of you who are ttc how long after BFP do you start gaining weight and showing??

    I have gained a few pounds over the last month too but this could be to overindulging at Xmas!!

  • Hang on in there SukiB it could be too early, symptoms sound good tho.

    Fingers crossed for a shy bean xx
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