woohoo CD1!!! (after false alarm last week lol)

AF arrived this morning, 31 days after D&C so only 3 days longer than normal. TTC here we come! I am so excited but as I wrote in the miscarriage forum I feel a little guilty for trying again so soon but Im sure my little angel knows I will always love them and could never replace them. ds was playing with a baby doll today at my parents house, he was holding it the right way and everything I could have cried it was so sweet ( hormones lol!)

I must have oved around cd17 which is what I thought, should I try from around cd12 just to make sure I catch it? Ive always been v lucky with falling pregnant but trying not to get my hopes up too high as I may not fall so soon this time


  • Sorry to hear about your mc, but pleased that your af has arrived. Try not to feel guilty, you are not replacing your angel,nothing will replace them. Trying from cd12 onwards sounds fine, good luck.xx
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