Hi Girlies,

I am feeling all down in the dumps - just took a hpt to get a BFN - AGAIN!

I was due on my period yesterday and had period type cramps and ibs yesterday and have been feeling ultra knackered today and yesterday. No cramps until this evening today though which is odd although my nausea is really verging on actually puking with each day.

I feel wretched and sorta hope that if I feel this awful I should get something good for it! image

Its probably early days to even know my cycle yet and even in terms of testing but I feel so blue and teary getting a BFN. image


  • Awh bless u,

    Fingers crossed for u hun that u get a BFP.

    Maybe test again in a couple of days if a/f not arrived?

  • Thanks hon - sitting here wallowing. Very tearfull thanks to sodding hormones and shattered beyond belief!
    Will pull myself together soon! Hope you're ok, x
  • Def test again in a couple of days. As you said you are not sure about your cycle so you are not out as they say until the witch strikes so try and keep positive - sending big hugs xxx
  • Thanks Poppy! Feeling better already.

    My hubby just cooked us fresh burgers with lovely salad and chips - heaven!

  • oooh yummy!!!! Do you think he could have a word with my hubby? I'm lucky to get toast!! X
  • Oh yum he he good look babe x. X keeping fingers crossed for you x
  • Lol - will send vibes to your hubby!

    I just feel I am clutching at straws and this is all to do with coming off the pill and having my frst real period for years.

    Just would be nice to know either way so i can get my head round trying again or not. I like to have a plan! x
  • how long u been ttc hun?
    im in a similar situation, first month ttc after coming off the pill so no doubh in 2 and half weeks ill be feeling like u xxx
  • Hi Kels,
    Its my first month although technically been off the pill 6 weeks now.
  • fingers crossed for us both then hun xxx
  • Now on cycle day 31. Hoping af shows soon so I can get on with trying

    Fingers crossed for you Kels.
  • Robin, i'd def try ov sticks cos my first month off pill i ov'd really late on CD30 so maybe you're just having a really long cycle?
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