:cry: i think i am out of the running this month

Well i posted on here last night that i had brown discharge.

I went to the toilet again last night and when i wiped it was the faintest of brown. I woke up this morning and went to the toilet and wiped and it was pink! I am on 10/11dpo and very upset as i have obviously had a really short LP too. I have had nothing but bloody irregular periods for 6 months and then i have an early one. Well i am assuming it is my period on its way!!!

I had been having symptoms of sorts but didn't really expect them to be AF.

I had aching legs
sore/aching hips
lower abdom pain
hungry ALL the time

Baby dust to everyone else, maybe december will be my month :\(

Tink xx

I forgot to add when i woke up this morning my temp was high STILL. And i had rosy cheeks :/)

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  • I hate giving false hope, because i hate getting it myself, but as long as it's just a bit of pink and not full flow then you're still in with a chance!! And a very good one at that!! It could be implantations, and all your other symptoms sound really good! Fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • Fingers crossed it's not AF image
  • Thank you guys, i have a feeling it is but like you said fingers crossed!!! xx
  • Im so sorry to hear that you think its all over for this month huni!!
    I can certainly understand where you are coming from though as im 8dpo and tested yesterday evening at 7dpo and got a bfn so i really think its over for me too!!
    Ill still keep back a little bit of hope that it may not be AF arriving for you. Good luck hun. xxxx
  • Damn that AF!!! Feel for you and hope its not the dreaded AF! x
  • fingers crossed for you that its not AF! X
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