Hmmmmm what is happening

Well here is a little update on me!!

I am currently at 10/11dpo. Last night i had yellowy/brown discharge when i wiped after going for a wee, this was at around 10pm.
At 2am i woke up and went to the toilet and when i wiped after having a wee again it was a very light brown.

I woke up this morning and had another wee (sorry for TMI) at 7.30am and the toilet paper was a light pink. It has been constantly pink all day, around 12pm it started fading away. At about 2pm i (i apologise for this) went for a number 2 and when i wiped there was a darker pink blood. I was convinced this was AF arriving but i am now wondering if it was because (i apologise again) i was pushing i maybe pushed out a little more blood????

I came home and went for a wee again and when i wiped it had gone back to light pink.

I honestly haven't been symptom spotting but i was thinking today and my OH commented on how i am sleeping a lot lately. I didnt give it a second thought until today. All last week i had a nap in the afternoon for 1-2 hours. That happened every day, i am sleeping right through all night apart from i have gotten up every night once to go for a wee and then i hold it in because i am so tired.

I have been having lower abdom cramps, soooooooooo hungry it is unbelievable even though i don't want anything to eat, my face has been breaking out in spots a lot and since OV i have been hot and flushed. Usually after OV my temp goes back to normal. I know i am not coming down with anything. I have got indigestion which i havent had since my last period (just before it started) and nausea too, especially today.

I am not getting my hopes up at all, i never do because they get let down. I just want all of you lovely ladies advice/opinions xxx


  • Hi pet, it's only my first month TTC so I can't really give you any advice or opinions. I just wanted to say I've got my fingers crossed for you that it's all just a little bean attaching him/herself to mummy for the next 9 months!! xx
  • hun, i rally wouldnt give up hope it could well be implantation. keeping everything crossed for you just a few more days to go.xxxx
  • Hun i am no good at all, Had a tiny bit on pink when i wiped last night and been feeling all over the place ETC... image I havnt got my hope's up as AF will come and break my heart :cry:

    Have you poas ???? Only thing to do hun is the word i hate the most and sorry for saying it but *wait* :lol:

    Good luck hun xx
  • Hoping the witch stays away hun. Keeping everything crossed for you. xx
  • all sounds great!!!!! god luck! when are you going to POAS?? X
  • Thank you ladies. I have also had an achy bah, legs and hips which i forgot to add!!!

    I am happy to wait lol because i would rather AF come than have to see that bloody BFN again!!!!!!!

  • Hi *Tink*,

    I had all these symptoms too but mine lead to my AF arriving today : ( My light spotting stopped for several hours then I got AF hit me.
    Dont give up your PMA tho as everyone is different.

  • Certainly sounds good - fingers crossed for you!!
    Keep us updated.
  • I've my fingers crossed for you hun xx
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