My 2ww symptoms this month resulting in a BFN!

Hi girls, I know how we all love to ss and Ive def done my fair share over the past year! The past few months on our 6+ ttc thread, we have decided that the new BFP symptoms are no symptoms as lots of girls have gotten their bfps without any symptoms at all except maybe feeling AF was on her way.

Anyway, this month i was sure we had finally done it and have a whole list of 'symptoms' i hadnt had before. Just wanted to share them with you to reinforce that if you arent getting symptoms, it doesnt mean youre out and if you are, its prob not good to get your hopes up (easier said than done!).

So my bfn symptoms this month were...

- extra ewcm than usual pre ov
- ewcm on 2dp
- af cramps early on in 2ww
- strange pulling/tugging sensation 7 dpo ish onwards
- yellowy/slight brown discharge 10 dpo ish
- tight/bloated tummy
- pressure like someone was pressing on lower tummy
ovary twinges/sharp pains
- pain above bikini line
- tiny white spots around nipples

I tested neg from 10 dpo so pretty sure it wasnt even a chemical, juat mean body playing tricks.
Good luck to tohse of you testing soon and remember no symptoms are not necessarily bad. I will certainly be trying to ss from now on (see how long i last! :lolimage xx

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  • awww sorry samsa! hugs xxxxx

    its mad how ur mind plays tricks on you! so unfair imagegood luck next month hun xxxx
  • Samsa, I really agree with your theory, I am having some of the symptoms on your list above at the moment, but deep down know we haven't done it this month, again!

    I had even more symptoms some months, and nothing. And had no symptoms one month when on holiday, and still nothing.
    So I really don't care anymore, I am getting really bored of it all.

    Sorry to sound so negative.

    Saying that you never know samsa it is not over yet!
    If not this month hope it is next one for you!
  • yes af turned up at lunch time! I am thorughly fed up with it too but at least now shes here, i can get on with next month!
    The 2ww is the worst and most depressing part of the whole cycle (or at least last few days!) x
  • Hi Samsa...My Af arrived this morning, i thought we both did it this month too? We seem to be on a similar cycle? Wot cd do you ov?
    Keep your chin up my lovely, i know its hard!!xxxx
  • Hi Samsa, so sorry to hear that for you! Although have to agree - I was POSITIVE I was going to be er.....positive and was sure I had sickness and a weird feeling in my stomach for 2 weeks. Was absolutely certain. Well on to next month for us I
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