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I have made an appointment at the doctors for next week. My cycles have been steady from Sept-Feb since i came off the pill they have been 26-27 day the last 2 months i have had cycles 22 and 24 days. However i have been using OPK for the last 2 months and it is showing that i am not ovulating. I was just wondering if anyone else has, had this and knows what the procedure is the doctor will take or if they will do anything? Am i able to ask for an examination to be done?

Also my DH has done a fertility test that we bought off Amazon as he was worried about his little swimmers. One of the test came back negative that he didnt have the correct amount in his sample, i was just wondering is there something the doctor would be able to do to help him produce and strengthen his swimmers?

We are going onto our 8th month of TTC. Are we over reacting? We are both really worried that we will not be able to have children and would really like some advice if anyone knows or have gone through this.

Lisa x


  • good luck hun! OPKs sometimes arnt that accurate so ive heard so try not to worry too much hun! xxxxxxxx
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