Ladies help me out please?

I've read mixed things on here.

Is it best to BD every day or every other day or doesn't it matter. I'm worried about missing ov.

Thank you xxx:roll:


  • hi hun, we bd every second day after af then everyday when i start getting ov pains and fertile
  • im doing about the same, 1st month ttc
  • Thank you ladies.
  • Hiya, I used the clearblue ferility monitor to keep track of my ovulation with irregular cycles (after coming off the pill in Feb 09). I would really recommend it as you do a test everyday and it tells you your peak fertility! it worked for me in the 1st month! Also preseed lube is a great thing! I got 5 high days on my monitor so we bd'd day 1,3 & 5 then I got 2 peak days and we b'd on both of them, and now look at me! xx
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