I had an awful thought last night that some of the 'treats' we'd bought to spice things up abit might be working against us. I got some strawberry lube from Ann Summers and woke up in the night with an awful thought that this might affect his swimmers. I just googled it and it seems this could be the case, short of emailing them directly does anyone know any that are 'safe'?? xx


  • Apparently the only thing that is safe is Pre-seed. It mimics ewcm to help the little swimmers. Other lubricants either kill them or stop them from being able to swim - including saliva! xx
  • Hi

    Pre-seed im sure some of the ladies on here have bought it on line. Hope this helps.

    jen xx
  • Thanks baby b, do you know where I can get it from? x
  • Thanks Jen, I didnt see your reply before I posted again. I'm going to have a look now, lucky I thought of this before I ovulate this month image Thanks again x
  • I bought pre-seed off ebay, but you can get it at other places online. I've only used it for one cycle so far as i don't make much cm (tmi!!!) Is quite expensive so I used it only on the days I got a positive on ov sticks/ when oving. Hope this helps!!!
  • Thanks dg, I'd heard loads about pre seed on here but assumed it was a tablet. Can't believe I didnt pick up on it in any of the baby books we've got. If I can only get in online its probably too late for this month as I'm due to ovulate mon/tue. This is our last month ttc before oh goes away so if we don't get our bfp I will stock up on it ready for when he comes home at xmas image x
  • you can also get it on accessdiagnostics...may get some...seems to have good reviews.
  • I bought mine before 5pm and it arrived the very next day - so you can get some in time!!!!! Good luck!!!
  • I used Preseed last month fro the 1st time, it is expensive but well worth it and I used it only on fertile days. Thats the recommended one that everyone seems to be using. Good luck. I use access diagnostics, you can type coupon code in google and add it on your order..... sneaky I know but it works. We only got ??2 off but hey it's still ??2
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