feeling weird....

heya ladies, im feeling very very strange, sickly, dizzy and have a tugging sensation in my tummy and crampy type period pains. AF isnt due until the 11th of july so am confused!
Is it worth testing anyway or is it way too soon to suspect anything good is going on??

also (sorry TMI) im peeing and pooing lots!!?!?!?!?!!

please help!


  • I would say it's too early but the symptoms sound promising.Hope the next few days fly past (yeah right) and you get your bfp soon.
  • hi
    i've had exactly the same feelings. i keep thinking is it af but can't help getting my hopes up. my periods are irregular though so i don't know when to test. i don't want to test to early. but i have no idea when af could arrive.
    you could leave it a few more days then do an early test, it might pick something up if its a few days before your af is due.
    fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi there

    They all sound like good signs (had them in early stages of pregnancy myself).

    However, also had them before last AF arrived and convinced myself I was pg (and I wasn't). Just a 'freak' cycle unfortunately for me, but could def be something more for you - esp the 'going to the toilet more'!!:\)

    I would prob hold off testing at the mo because I think it is a little bit too early to show (and you don't want the disappointment of a BFN now when you could wait a few days and see a BFP!!!!!!!!!)

    (Although I didn't take my own advice and wasted 6 hpt's in quick succession last month!)
    Keeping fingers crossed for you
  • hey it sounds good but i would wait a few more days or a week to test if you can wait. when i got bfp i started having symptoms about a week after ovulation but didn't get bfp until my AF was due/late.

    good luck hun! xxx
  • If you can wait until your AF is due, but those signs sound great!

    Baby dust a plenty. x x x
  • gosh im trying my best to hold on here, hope this week goes super quick!!
  • good luck xxxx babydust galore to you xx
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