Oh well, onto the next month for me.

Well after all my hoping and finger crossing last week after AF being a no show and only having a brown discharge with funny cramps and feeling sick AF finally showed up on sunday, (straight after i had just poas even though hubby wanted me to wait....so i even used my last one just to be dissapointed).
Really gutted that it was my body playing tricks on me!!
Am still feeling sick on occassion though so guess i have a bug as well.
i will now be trying to get my pma back and keep my fingers crossed for this cycle.

Good luck eveyone, and lots of babydust to you all.



  • hii mos

    lets hope more luck for next cycle image

    in the 2WW i hate it that i feel i hv many syptoms which turns out to be AF on the way.

    I believe this cycle I would make up the back pain :P as few girls had it and got BFP.

    **** Baby dust ****
  • i love i am waiting for af was due yesterday i testing and i got a bfn, i have had pain full breasts, sickness off and on like you, and cramps for over a week, going to doctors tomorrow to get this pain checked out, good luck on new month love, sending you lots of baby dust
  • awww sorry hun! good luck next month! xxxxx
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