cd10 funny belly???

Im on cd 10 (if you count the 2 light bleeding days i had before slightly heavier???) but today iv got a funny feeling in my belly, sort of like the feeling u get before af but not in any pain? what is this do you think - start of ov? i did an ov test this morn and it was negative, or could i just have an icky tum and looking for too many signs?
also do you start counting your cycle days from the first day u bleed because for day 1,2 and 3 i was very light (usually come on on the day 3) but the rest of my period wasnt very heavy either?
any advise is very much welcome, im hoping i get my bfp this month as a close friend has revealed that she is expecting and im secretly very gutted image
hope your all ok babydust to all of you xxxx


  • I was same on CD10? felt like i was about to have another af?...weird!! lol .. only lasted the day and on CD12 today and still no sign of ov?
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