Pregnacare anyone?

Hi ladies

I'm currently taking folic acid tablets but just found Pregnacare tablets. They contain folic acid as well as loads of other vitamins and one that "may help stimulate ovulation"

Would it be worth investing in these? Anyone tried them?

Thanks in advance image



  • Hi Huni,

    I was going to get some of these today, but Superdrug do their own version, 2months supply for ??6 and currrently BOGOF so brought those to start.

  • hi hun, i dont take pregnacare but i do take sanatogen vitamins which are the same type of thing. i think they are quite good and i have hubby taking the his version, contains zinc and stuff.
  • Thanks girls, sounds like a good idea then image x
  • hello huni,

    i don't take pregnacare have been taking tommys which is the same with folic acid and other vitamins and much cheaper - 3 for 2 on at boots at the mo with them as well.. hope this helps x
  • Hey Huni,

    Although I'm not pg yet, I've been taking pregnacare plus fot the last 3 months. They were 3 for 2 in tesco so worked out pretty cheap but nearly coming to the end of my last packet and not sure whether I'll fork out again unless they're on offer. From what i gather, there are lots of other rival brands that are also very good.

    I will say one thing though (and feel like i need to touch wood here!) but I'm a Teacher and i cant tell you how many times i was ill last year, felt like every other week i was getting chest infection/stomach virus etc despite taking multivitamins. Anyway, since I've been taking pregnacare, I've not been ill once!! Alot of the other staff have had chest infections and an awful virus went round school at the end of the last half term which made lots of teachers who normally have a brilliant immunity ill...but i didnt get it! The only thind i can think of is that these tablets are actually making me a healthier person in more ways other than getting my body prepared for a little one!

    Infact, I think i've just managed to persuade myself to buy them again when i run out in a couple of weeks! ha ha

  • Hi Sallysunflower, glad to hear your feeling fit and healthy image think you have just convinced me as well hehe xx
  • sunflower i agree my lo has had bugs recently and i have managed to steer
  • I've been the talk of the staffroom this half term as I was so notoriously ill last year! Honestly, everyone else cant belive how healthy I've been.....although you can guarantee now that I'll prob be posting in a few days to say I've got Swine Flu or something! That'd be so typical.

    I'd definitely recommend them though! x
  • Hi Huni,

    I've read good things about PregnaCare, although I've actually been taking the Boots version which is pretty much the same...any of them that are similar are worth a try I think. I agree with sallysunflower that I think they give your whole system a boost, they seem to have made me healthier overall as well as preparing my body for a baby with folic acid etc!!.x.
  • I took pregnacare instead of folic acid on its own and I'm sure it helped me get my BFP. In my opinion there's no harm in getting plenty of vitamins inside you, as you have to create an environment fit for purpose.

    I still take them now and in Morrisons they are currently on offer, just over ??2 for a months supply. Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • I will prob get slated for this but I keep on forgetting to take folic acid i started off on superdrug pregnacare vits but I just keep forgetting to take them, I am now worried as we are going to start trying in 3 weeks that I havent prepared my body enough.

    I was always the same with my pill at times but with the vitamins being huge they are harder to swallow, I am not making excuses for myself and would like to get into a routine of taking it to avoid any birth defects etc but whens best to take it? can you take it last thing at nite?

  • Thanks for all the replies, I'm definitely convinced xx
  • Sparkling Diamond, you can take them anytime, the best thing to do is leave them somewhere that you can't miss them, say beside your bedside light or something or set a reminder on your mobile xx
  • Thanks Huni, I am feeling that I will be a bad mother because I keep forgetting to take it and they say you should altho we arent officially trying yet so hopefully there will be no unexpected accidents.Is it 500mg you need a day? Those pregnacare tablets are like big bullets to swallow, I prefer lil tablets like the pill was always easy to swallow!!!xx
  • SD I sometimes forget to take my pregnacare even though I keep them on my bedside table but try not to beat myself up about it, plenty of ladies fall pregnant by mistake and don't know until 6 weeks or whatever and only start taking folic acid then but go on to have perfectly healthy babies x
  • Not sure about the other makes but if you use pregnacare take them with a meal - they make me feel ill otherwise and think it also helps the absorption if you take it without a meal I think the vitamens just get passed out in waste instead.
  • i was taking pregnacare for 2 months before getting my bfp

    i'm now 9 wks and have to say that i've decided to STOP taking pregnacare.

    my only reason is the size of the tablets - they are huge! i was doing ok until i started getting morning sickness, but now i physically can't swallow them. every night i end up in tears because it gets stuck in my throat and i think i'm going to be sick
    in the end hubby insisted i switch to a smaller tablet coz it was upsetting him to see me so distressed

    i'm now taking sainsbury's own brand folic acid - absolutely tiny tablets
    i will probably go back to a multivitamin again when i find one that i can swallow easily

    so try to just buy a small pack or a trial pack until you are sure you are happy with the brand
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