AF arrived but would like some info xx

i came off the pill 10 days ago and have got my af tonight xx i hate being in pain ARGH!!!
but its all good x and its needed x
what i wanted to know is does that mean that after af am i back to normal for concieving??? been on the pill about 19 months ???? sorry to bug u all xxxx:\?


  • It's different for everyone, some people go back to their normal cycle. Others it takes ages to get back to normal. For instance I came off the pill on the 7th December and I've only ovulated once in that time! Very annoying!!

    Hope you are one of the lucky ones xx
  • Hi Demelza, I came off the pill last June and it took about 3 months for my periods to get back to 'normal'. But everyone is different xx
  • I came off the pill last Oct and my cycles went straight back to normal so everyone is different.
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