I am out :-(

CD1 - witch has arrived after few days of delay and 4 hpt later, it is back to a very familiar place of a feeling sad, after all the hoping!

Lets hope again now for the april baby


  • Awh 'HUGS' hunni image

  • sorry to hear she arrived fingers crossed for you next month

  • awwww no - thats really sad. sorry to hear that. sending baby dust to you for next month. *hugs* xxxxx
  • So sorry to hear that hun. Sending you big hugs. Lets hope this cycle is the one you get your bfp. xxxx
  • Thanks ladies.. I really hope so lizzy..xxxx
  • Sorry she got you hun...on the plus side,you get to stay with us for another little while!! image Feel better! xxx
  • Hey naturelle the witch got me to today as well 4 days late! So I am feeling blue and wondering what the heck is going on with my cycles I have been dead on 30 days since last June and now my average cycle is working out as 33 and I don't know why they have changed!! I am sorry she got you to was hoping you would be lucky! But we could be cycle buddies and try to keep each others pma up for this cycle! X
  • bummer! Hope this month is a lucky one x
  • Bubba4us, it is true though, never get bored of this place and all the ladies on here are so lovely so here is to another month with you image

    charlamine, sorry about your news too..I know what you mean, it is weird, I also was late first time, and that really, really gave me hope..Maybe it was just an odd month and it goes back to normal for you.
    For me being late was not such a bad thing (for fooling me into thinking I am pg) as my cycles were quite short, last one 25 days, and now perfect 28 so hope it stayes like that..

    Hope we get lucky next month, we can be cycle buddies!
  • Sorry hun, good luck for an April Baby xxxx
  • ah thats sucks hun xx Althiough sounds as though youve got the right atttude x Onwards and upwards for the next cycle and getting an April baby. Maybe youll get an easter egg? xx
  • Haha Jay I do like that en easter egg image I'd love one!
  • haha would be a win win situation! Easter egg bundle AND chocolate! xxxx
  • What more could girl wish for!image xxx
  • Sorry she got you too - why do uninvited guests always show up once a month??

  • Tell me about it canucmom, uninvited indeed..
    Like Jay said bring on an Easter egg!
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