Help! So confused!! CB digi

Ok so yday I got a faint positive on a cheapie stick and on a superdrug test, so i decided to test on a clear blue digital test this eve and it said not pregnant image is this down to the hcg levels?? my af isn't due until fri hoping it doesnt come image any advice ladies?? hubby is bit upset and now refuses to believe im pregnant!!


  • so do u think im pg or is it a wait and see case!! its doing my head in!!
  • I'd say test again friday with another superdrug one, as they are most sensitive. It should give a clearer line by then. Then leave it a few days more with af being late before you do a digital one - a lot of women have had to wait til af is a week or so late before the digital ones show anything, but are getting strong lines on other tests.

    So dont give up hope yet hon!! xx
  • The CB digital is 50miu and states that it is not accurate before your AF is due. You don't get false positive results hun so you are pg! Just wait until your AF is late then use the digital. The SD ones are 10miu, which is why they show positive before AF is due x
  • ok that settles it then im going to secretly enjoy my bean!! heres hoping its a good sticky one!! thanks ladies x
  • hey hun how bloomin annoying are preg tests! Grrr! I did a super drug this morn and the line did not appear straight away but when it did it was faint which makes me confused as to why clear blue was pos yesterday! Fingers crossed for us both x x x

  • Don't worry hun-this exact thing happened to me. I had good lines on a superdrug test and a clearblue non digital so I did the digital and it said 'Not Pregnant'.

    They are just less senstive- 2 days later I tried again and it worked fine

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