BABYMONKEY IS BACK but...............

babymonkey is back but im going to have to join the DUE IN JULY forum as after yrs anyrs of ttc and several mc'c

I HAVE MY BFP!!!!!!!!!!!



  • OMG Karen youve made me cry!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS sweetheart you SO deserve this!!!!
    How far on are you if you're due in july? Have you known for a bit?
    Oh I'm so pleased for you!
  • Oh BM, just seen this from the front page, I'm so, so happy for you hun. HUGE Congratulations! Wow!!

  • Oooh congrats! I am fairly new here but Love hearing about all your BFP's! How many weeks are you?

    so happy for you
    What did you do differently???? I am month 16 and looking for tips :lol:
    Gems image
  • Oh wow!! Congratulations!!! Fantastic news.

  • Wow!!! Congratulations!!!
  • OMG!!!
    i wondered what happened to you mrs!!

    congratualtions on a very much deserved sticky little bean!!! look forward to chatting to you in pregnancy!

    becca x
  • Wow, Congrats! I remembered you from when I was pregnant with my daughter now 14months! I am soo happy for you! Have a very happy and healthy 9 monthsimage
  • Wow hun thats great news and a big fat congratulations hun because you so deserve it xx
  • I saw this on the homepage so come to read and I am SOOO pleased for you!!! image

    Congratulations! That is fantastic news.

    How many weeks are you?

    Love NN xxx
  • Wow what fantastic news hun, im sooooo happy for you. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! xxxxx
  • Hi everyone. Sorry I didnt come back on last night to catch up with my messages.

    Firstly thank you to you all for your kind messages. It really helps to spur me on and think more positively as at the moment im terrified of mc'ing again.

    Something really amazing happened to me and lets just say I am now a believer!
    I packed away my CBFM about 3 months ago, stopped buying HPT's and just got on with my life and enjoyed what I had around me then one night last week I had a dream which was the clearest dream ive ever had. In my dream the whole family were at my grandparents house on christmas eve. Now, my grand father passed away 13 yrs ago and my grandmother passed away nearly 3 yrs ago yet I could see them both as clear as day. My grandmother turned to me and told me that my christmas present was upstairs so I went with her to get it. She took me to the bath room and handed me a HPT. I asked her what it was for and she just said "merry christmas Karen. This is your present of your grandpa and me"

    When I woke up the following morning I just thought oh my god, that was so real. I got on the internet, ordered some e bay cheapies as I thought I was being stupid and bareing in mind I hadnt bought any for a few months. I didnt even tell my hubby that I had ordered them. When they were delivered the following day I didnt even do a test. I waited until bedtime thinking this is stupid but just under 1 minute, there it was, a lovely 2nd line. I just couldnt believe it. I shot out of the bathroom onto the landing and just shouted "holy shit" lol. The hubby came flying up the stairs and the children shot out of their bedrooms and I calmly said "im pregnant"
    The next day it was off to the chemist for a CB digital. As I did that test, it brought back so many memories, good and bad from when I tested on Oct 2008 and got a +. I was to scared to look but plucked up the courage and saw those magic words PREGNANT 1-2

    I have got to have progesterone injections 3 times a week for 12 weeks (nice), Ive been put on 75mg of asprin and 5mg of folic acid. I will have to go to the anti-natal clinic for a scan at 7 weeks so I am just hoping I get that far to start with. One step at a time.

    Helen- Its been a bumpy old road but I got there in the end which prooves that you will get there too hun. I made a mistake though and the baby wont be due until August. I only found out yesterday and just needed to share my news with you all so I am only just PG. My cycles have been all over the place for a few months going form 25 days long to 30.

    Gembags- Do you really want to know what I did differently. I stopped trying. I packed my CBFM away, stopped buying HPT's every month and started to enjoy what I had around me instead of what I didnt have. Sounds simple but thats all I did different.

    NN- good to hear from you hun. Im only 4 weeks and terrified. As I just said to Helen, I got the month wrong hee hee. Baby brain already.

    Ive rambled on for what seems ages so I will clear off now but please keep your messages of encouragement coming as they really do help me and my advice to all you ladies TTC is dont. Just stop, relax and wrap yourself up in everything you have. Fall in love with your other halves again and instead of spending every last penny on OPK's and HPT's (cos we all do it!) spend that money on wining and dining.

    With love

    Karen -aka- babymonkey xx

  • Oh Karen
    Im so so pleased for you huni that is the best news ever!!!

    I totally love your approach & even though we hate when people say relax it really does work!!!

    Your dream is amazing!!! I totally beleive in all that stuff. With my 1st pg, my nan who had passed came to me in a dream & asked me how far gone I was which I needed as confirmation as I kept getting -ve tests, the nxt test I done was a strong +ve!!

    What a wonderful gift for xmas, so pleased you are being well looked after & your little bubs has 2 wonderful guardian angels xxxxx
  • Oh wow laujai, I never thought of it like that. My bean having 2 "very special" guardian angels

  • Aw Karen thats just lovely. I wish i was in a position to relax but heyho.
    Everything crossed that you sail through your pregnancy!
  • What a lovely story, very emotional.

    Congratulations to you xxxx
  • woo hoo hun I am so pleased for you!!!!
  • G/C from July 2010 to say congratulations!!

    Your dream made me cry (although everything is making me cry at the moment - ha ha)!

    Good luck with your pregnancy.

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