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I saw your thread where you replied about microgynon and hiding your symptons of pcos. Can i ask what your symptons are and how you got diagnosed?

Hope you dont mind.

jen xx


  • hiya - just wrote you a long reply but the system crashed - will try again in a bit!! arrghhhh! xx
  • Hello - i'll try again with my reply - hope this one works!

    Basically, when I came off the pill i had no AF for months (about 6 plus) and as my mum had had problems conceiving me and my sister I had a feeling we would be the same...so I went to GP and although she was very reluctant she eventually sent me for a scan - internal and external.

    The results came back to say PCOS - which fell into place as I had the following symptoms...
    weight gain - even tho coming off the pill should make it easier to lose weight!
    greasy hair and skin (altho this improved after about 9 months off the pill probably due to changing diet)
    but more than anything - hair growth! not facial but my hair used to only need cutting every 2 -3 months - it now needs it every 3- 4 weeks and even friends have noticed!!(costing me a fortune!) also, I used to be very lucky in only needing to shave my legs every week - now I have to do it every other day at least!
    and obviously my irregular cycles which typically now seem to have improved too (maybe due to eventual weight loss?) however they are V V V V V painful - hence why I'm here today and not at work!

    hope that helps - honestly if you think you might have PCOS go to yoru GP and ask for tests (or force them in my case!)
    We have gone private and having a lap and dye in a few weeks but my consultant says it's probable that my mum had PCOS too (she had lots of miscarriages before me and my sis) but it wasn't diagnosed in those days!!! (im NOT that old honestly!! :lolimage

    Hope that helps xxxx
  • Thank you sooo much, ive got my first appointment with the fertilty clinic is a wk on wednesday so i will talk to them about it. My skin has been terrible since comming off the pill really oily and spotty same with my hair. I have very painful periods and i also have pain during my cycle at first i thought it was me oving but i get it throughout the month, I have excess hair also (not very attractive) and my period arnt regular.

    Thanks again.

    jen xx
  • ...sounds to me Jen like you may have PCOS - hope your appointment goes well - fingers crossed everything moves quickly for you

  • Thanks so much and good luck to you too.

    jen xx
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