BOOB Pain?? ;\)

Hi all

Just a quickie I have a sharp pain in my right boob?? think am due to ov this weekend so we have been BDing last few nights so could it be to do with ov?? but why is it only in one boob?

I have noticed my right boob has been sore for a few days now, I done a CBD on tues morning and it said BFN but am CD20 today and should be due ov if i have another 35ish cycle this month.

Am hoping my cycles are sorting themselves out now and will stay around 35 days



  • When we were ttc our ds I used to get sore boobs around ovulation and people have reported all sorts of different symptoms on here.
    Fingers crossed it is and that all your bding pays off so that your bean can get nice and cosy as you relax on holiday image x
  • Thanks goonie, go on hol wed cant wait woo hoo was trying hol clothes on before some a bit tight but have been replaced with new clothing ha ha!!

    Yeah its defo ov I think as got lots of cm maybe even ewcm will have to check not using opk's now just going with the flow.

    Wont even really know when/if AF due.

  • Well done for ditching the OPK's, I wish I could but I'm too much of a control freak! x
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