still no af

where the hell is she?? will be 8 days late tomorrow. tested on mon and bfn so dont know whats going on and getting annoyed coz this is taking up days when i could be bd'ing!!! The later she is the later for ttc grrr x


  • hi hun.....

    is this ur 1st cycle off the pill??
  • test again? xxxx
  • hi no this is 2nd month off the pill tho i came off in it nov for 2 moths then went back on it in jan for a couple of months (to stop af on wedding day!) x
  • could just be ur cycles goin bit mad seen as its ur 2nd mth off pill hun,,,,,,,wot CD u on now? and wot was last mnth like? x
  • im 9 days late today and was 10 days last month so will see. When i came off it before i was 2 weeks late then 10 days late so was thinking my af would settle over the months and be more or less on time x
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