Last pill today ;-)

Well tonight is my last pill, then I am coming off itimage

Still not sure if it's best to wait a few months for my body to get back to normal or if to go for it right away?? It's exciting though to think we will be trying for number 2 soon image This time I am so much more relaxed about it all.



  • good luck on your ttc journey again chick,if i was you id start right away but thats me xx
  • Good luck hun ... fingers crossed your stay in here is short and sweet (in the nicest possible way!)

  • How exciting! I'd go for it straight away, no point in waiting unnecessarily! Good luck hon.

    Hannah xx
  • LOL thought you lovely ladies would say that hee hee. I am so excited and scared as well. I can't wait to have another baby but my little lady is a handful as wellimage

    I will have another talk with Hubby but I think we will try right away as who knows how long it is going to take?

  • I think your last comment summed it up really hun, who knows how long it'll take (hopefully not long!) But you actually chances of getting pregnant 1st time arent the best, i think i read somewhere 20% get pregnant 1st month, 60% within 6 months? i could have those figures wrong tho so dont quote me! Good luck hun!!! xxx
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