Hey girls,

I've been really naughty and tested early with SD test and there's a line. Can't believe it, i really though i was going be trying for ages with PCOS. I know it's early days but i'm so excited x xx


  • OMG That's fantastic news hun x Congratulations! Blimey, I've heard the SD ones are sensitive but at 9 DPO? That's amazing!

    Congrats darling x
  • Thank you so much, i was really surprised being so early but it's quite a good line x x
  • Yey! Great news congrats xxx
  • Ah, I've just look back at your previous posts when you got your first peak who would have thought eh?? That's such fantastic news hun x

    Ooo now you've got me thinking I may just have to try a SD test that early myself!

    Have you told your OH yet?
  • i would second superdrug tests - i got quite a strong BFP at 10 dpo on sunday and that wasnt with FMU. they seem a lot better than some others! congrats, hope to speak to you in DIA x
  • Congratulations hun! x
  • Congrats

    .......and I 3rd that on the SD tests I got a bfp at 9dpo too without fmu!!! But I have also found that Wondfo test strips are just as sensitive and they are cheaper, you can get them from Amazon. I got a bfp at 9dpo on those too. Just make sure they are Wondfo though as I've tried others that are rubbish.
  • Congratulations!

    Might have to go and get myself a SD test! I am 19dpo and still getting negatives.
  • Woo congratulations honey xxx
  • yay you've given me faith as i think im suffering from pcos which has made it a bit harder for me to concieve. soo pleased for you image xx
  • Thanks ladies, good luck to everyone testing over the next few days. Congrats to so excited and sazzle!

    Mooker - hubby is in shock at the moment very quiet but smiling. x
  • Hi Tilly,

    Already said it in the CBFM thread but congratulations! especially with the PCOS, its all thanks to that plastic device image
    Have a H & H 9 months.

    I agree with everyone else, 9DPO is brilliant for getting a line. Strong HCG i guess and SD tests are fantastic!

  • Congratulations! Hope it's a sticky bean!
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