Evaporation lines...

Afternoon girlies

I am CD33 and still getting bfn's ( cycle usually 28 days). I did a test this morning and straight away a very very faint line showed up then a very dark 2nd line (obv 1 dark line means negative), i kept looking at it and looking at it and then it dissappeared. It was hardly even there, but i could see it!
I keep looking at it, but its not visible at all now.
So im wondering if anyone knows why it was showing up in the first place? Just to tease me?? :roll:


  • did the faint line have some colour to it? i have heard that evap lines are usually white in coulour but if it is a positive then it will ave a pink tinge to it. dont take my word for it tho i am not much of an expert, just trying to help a bit!! good luck to you hun xxx
  • what tests are you using? seems odd to disapear, the evaps i have got have stayed?
  • ive had them in the past but they clear if they evap lines xx
  • So must just be evap lines then, boo! image

    It was a FR one Piggypops xx
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