Worried I may not have ovulated this month :\?

I'm in a bit of a flap cos I'm on CD28 and my BBT still hasn't shifted noticeably.

I got a very faint positive on an OPK on CD15 but as the instructions say to count faint lines as a negative I carried on testing daily. I got a stronger line on CD21 but then still no noticeable temperature shift. I admit I have been taking my temp at later times than usual as I haven't been at work but I didn't think it'd matter that much as I still take it as soon as I wake up.

I'm just starting to get a bit down as I really wanted to be able to test on New Years Eve but as I can't find my ovulation date who knows where I might be in my cycle :\(

Anyone else have any experience of this? x


  • Hey sugar, don't get too fixated on your temps , they're there as a guide. If you got a positive on your opk, then I would take the day after as 1dpo.

    There have been a few girls on here that got their bfp's without obvious sign of ov'ing.

    Good luck hun, keep up that pma!!! ((((hugs)))) xxx
  • Hi hun,

    How many days is your cycle usually? Could it be that you ov later in the day than normal and that's why your OPK and temps haven't reflected this? Sorry I'm not much help! Chin up, I'm sure I've heard of ladies getting their BFP when they hadn't thought that they had ov

  • Im only just starting to use opks today so im not much help, but could you still test on ny eve as maybe you've ov'd and missed it? maybe the temping was inaccurate. hope you figure it out xxx
  • Thanks for the replies and the PMA ladies!

    My cycle is usually 29 - 32 days but recently I had a 40 day cycle. I think I'll just try to forget about it, we did have a hell of a lot of bedtime antics around the time I got a positive OPK so I'm just hoping some of his swimmers got to the right place at the right time.

    I'll see if I can hold out until CD40 before testing, just in case I did OV late this month.

    Good luck to everyone else! xx
  • Hi hun, it could be the tests your using just aren't that sensitive, mine say to make sure the line matches the control as well but I just ignore that, any line means ov to me image it all matches in with my cycle as well so that confirms it enough for me.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi Sweetie, have you come off the pill? If so, how long ago? I only ask cos our bodies are pretty cruel and you could think you've settled into a 'regular' cycle when you haven't yet. I'm on CD36 of 5th cycle post-pill, so far have had 34 days, 47 days, 33 days, and last cycle was 64 days!

    So, you're right, you may not have ov yet, did your stronger ov stick line match the control line??

    but if you really want to test on NYE then go ahead! You're prepared for a BFN but might get lucky with a BFp! Fingers crossed!

  • I know how you feel :\( - i have been using a CBFM and this month i got 14 highs but no peak, and no sign of AF neither. I have no idea what is going on and it is the most hurtful thing ever!!!! xxxx
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