I have the mother of all head aches!!

Ahhh please can my AF just go away now ;-( I have had a head ache growing all day and I stopped bleeding this morning though no doubt it will start up again when it feels like it?

;-( it is it home time.

k XX


  • hope it goes! i have had a headache for about 5 days and dizziness/vertigo for over a week (not been into work)- the tablets i have been given don't work. i think it is the after effects of the mc.
  • Hi honey thanks for getting back to me, i am ok not though felt rubbish last night. I am on CD 7 now and still have little sharp pains every now and then in my belly and a small back ache? I am not bleeding anymore but god knows if i have actually finished image

    K xx
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