Hi Could you tell when you should start taking folic acid and how much, going to start TTC in May???

Should the man be taking it to? Is there anything else we should be doing apart from have lots of sex???



  • I think just you should be taking it...maybe a little before you try to conceive xx
  • start taking it now they do say you should start 3 months before you start ttc but just go for it now only you good luck love anita x x x
  • i have read that it is gud for the man to take it also as it will help the sperm be healthy aswell as our eggs and you shud be taking it before you ttc and 12 weeks through your pregnancy x
  • you can start taking folic acid as soon as you like,but once you fall pregnant only take it for the first 3 months.I have never herd of men taking it,but ask a cemist,doc or somebody.
    good luck
  • Hi Again

    Can you take to much folic acid??? The multivitamins I usually take have 200g of it in is ok to then take a seperate folic acid supplement of 400g???

  • I take a prescribed dose of 5mgs of Folic acid a day - but I am going to ask my consultant tomorrow whether I can take a multivitamin with folic acid in it as well - so I'll let you know what he says.
    I've never heard of a man taking it - we were never advised to, and had fertility advice for 4.5 years. I've been told to take the folic acid until Week 36.
  • i have definately read somewhere that it is better for the man to take folic acid also and its obviously better because it will make his sperm healthier and it def wudnt hurt him wud it!! but i dont think it is paramount that the man takes it but it is def better for us to take it before we concieve and 12 weeks into pregnancy gud luck everyone xx
  • Hi Lizee

    That would be great if you could let me know.

  • I asked my consultant and he said you can't overdose on folic acid so go ahead with the multivitamin.
    For the man - he said folic acid can help when there is a low sperm count - certainly wouldn't do any harm.
    I hope this helps, Good luck! Lizee
  • Thanks Lizee

  • Hi there,
    I spotted you all talking about folic acid and wondered whether the following article on babyexpert might be of interest...


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  • hey, by all means take folic acid as it will help but even though i tried to take it [kept making me sick for some reason] i havent and have conceived two healthy babies so i wouldnt worry too much about how much and when, as long as youre both healthy. x
  • their was a thing on hear i read which really shocked me it said that men that dont get enought folic acid can make 95% less swimmers!!! i had no idea it could make such a diff! so get both of you on the stuff, i have found out that you can buy folic acid for men! just need to find a shop with it in! best of luck xxx
  • Good luck image) I am taking a Pregnacare pills, along with my husband!! They have the recommended level of Folic Acid along with other vitamins.
    Planning to try next month - quite excited but nervous too!:\)
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