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How many of us are going to test tom b4 drinking tom night?

I have just decided to test tom before going out tom night and driniking maybe too many glasses wine...

Anyone else?

Em ;\) (cd28 tommorrow I think?)


  • Hi im testing tomorrow had a bfn yesterday, cd31 tomorrow.
  • Hi im testing tomorrow had a bfn yesterday, cd31 tomorrow.
  • I'm day 28/29 tomorrow so testing for 4th day on the trot........
  • not me cd2 boo hoo. Drinks and lots of chocs. YAY. Filo x
  • I have to abstain from drinking tomorrow just in case. I can't test till Thursday.
  • Hi nope not me only bd once this month with not being well and having asthma attack so bottoms up girls lol.

    jen xx
  • Just wondering if you get bfn and no af are you gonna drink anyway or stay off it just in case?
  • doing one in the morning!!!
    i am sick of all the symptoms, bbs are getting sore now too image
  • Well if I get a BFN then I'm gonna have a good attempt at clearing out the booze cabinet - will obviously mean I'm not preg and if I am but too early to show then it hasn't implanted which means it won't be affected anyway !!!!
    Thats my theory and I'm sticking to it - well at least until I'm on my 2nd glass then I usually feel sick anyway !!
  • yep i'm testing but have not got a clue what cd i am on! all i know is AF is very late but i've been quite ill this month and not bd much so really am quite sure i'm not preg. got to test just in case. if i do get BFN good excuse to drink the hotel dry and its my new years res to give up drinking so here's to my last glass of rose, my last malibu and my last champagne!!
    good luck to everyone who's testing and happy new year with lots of baby dust for everyone xx
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