BFP story

Since Miss to Mrs posted her BFP story, thought I'd do the same so hear goes.

General info about me
AF has been a bit irregular - ranging from about 24 to 30 days. I have identified that af comes after 12 DPO so this is how I chart when I am due.
I have a bi-cornate uterus which may explain why I have had some much brown blood so far. I found this out when I was last pg and had bleeding (mostly brown) throughout my pg).

For previous 3 months
Took pregnacare, charted cm, used ov sticks and bbt to guage when I ov'd every month
DH took vitamins for about 1 week.
Was on 2nd week of annual leave - so both of us feeling unstressed.

CD11 Faint ov test. Cm watery/wet, BD
CD12 Positive Ov test, BD
CD13 Faint ov test BD, assume OV. BD
1DPO - stomach sore, bloated, from 1DPO to date, been up once during nite for loo. This hasn't happened for at least a year.
2 and 3 DPO Bloated. CM cloudy sticky. Normally white thick on previous months. Felt normal
4 DPO felt fat. CM sticky and transparent during day. Nite cm was lotiony and transparent - not thick and creamy and white like previous months.
5 DPO - light brown cm with a spot of dark brown cm. AF feelings all evening
6 DPO AF feelings all morning. Think feel sick am and in evening. CM increased still light brown in colour
7DPO Dark brown cm when wiped. Bit cramp on right
8 DPO Felt normal all day. Reddy/Brown cm when wiped
9DPO cm very minimal still brown. Was red at night when wiped thought af was on her way. No symptons other than tiredness.
10DPO- cm very minimal still brown. Stitch on left. Sore tummy/ (trapped wind?)
Felt fat. Hungry. Think felt sick
11DPO Dark brown cm when wiped. Feel sick. Very bloated. Very tired after lunch no cramps or af feelings, sore tummuy
12DPO feel sick and very hungry., Tired, brown cm. very bloated
13 DPO - AF due. Feel sick. Very minor af feelings. Cm very minimal brown. Slight backache.
14 and 15 DPO feel sick. Very bloated, presence/ache on the right. Hungry, Tired
16 DPO tested and got BFP. Tired, Hungry.

Sending you lots of baby dust to one and all.



  • Congratulations! Always good to hear someone's story. X
  • congratualtions hun have a h&h 9 months image

    did you not test before 16dpo and get any BFN?

  • Congrats Hun, thanks for sharing your bfp
  • Congratulations hon, thanks for sharing gives me hope xx
  • Congratulations hun....thank you for sharing your story xxxx
  • Hey;) thanx 4 sharing ur storyimage & a big congrats!! Did u bd much b4 And after getting your + opk's?xx
  • mrsvause23 - didn't test at all before as I didn't want to deflated with the thought of a BFN.

    Liannemg - cd9 was the first time I had bd since the beginning of the cycle - didn't want to use up DH's resources lol(I am 38 and he is 34).

    after getting a + on opk - tried to bd on 1DPO but DH was knackered that insemination didn't take place. Thought there was no point after that since we had bd 3 times in a row and caught the best days. We then did it about a week later about 7 or 8 dpo.
  • great story image looking forward to get to know you in DIA.....
    hope our storys have helped everyone.

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