FAO Huni

Hi Huni,

Firstly, congrats on your BFP. I see that you're AF wasn't due til 10th Jan - mine isn't due til 11th Jan.

Can I ask what DPO you were when you tested? I am 7DPO today.

Thanks and congrats again xx


  • Hi donnat, sadly I miscarried after I got my BFP but I'm back to trying again so fingers crossed for a sticky bean very soon!
    I got a very faint line on 12dpo last time and used a digital clearblue on 13dpo which gave me "pregnant 1-2" That was my first month trying and had no real symptoms at all, when are you thinking of testing hun?

    Ps Thanks for my first ever FAO thread, you made my day now image xx
  • Ah, I feel awful now, I'm so sorry.....

    We are on month 3 of ttc so I was going to test mid-end of next week (if I can hold on that long!).

    I'm glad I made your day! Happy new year and hope you get your sticky bean soon xxx
  • Don't worry hun, no need to feel bad!

    If you can hold on it would be worth it to see that really dark line appear! It's awful when your trying to decide if it's your eyes playing tricks or not :lol:

    Happy new year and wish you all the luck in the world for your BFP!! xx
  • sorry to stick my nose in but huni, do u think 10 dpo is too early to do a test?
  • Hi miss88, yea I would say it's abit early, implantation can take up to 12dpo and then you need another day after that for your hcg level to rise enough to be detected by the test so I would say (personally and from experience!), 13dpo is the earliest really. I did test last time at 12dpo but the line was so so faint that I spent the whole day in a right state trying to work out was it a proper line or evap!
    3 more days hun, when you say it quick it doesn't seem that bad image xx
  • In saying that though I have heard of ladies getting their BFP on 8dpo, but you really are better waiting (think of all the money you would spend on tests if you started testing that early :O )

    Good luck hun, fingers crossed the second line appears for you xx
  • Thanks huni, I just brought 50 ovulation tests ans 15 pregnancy tests of ebay. My hubby went sick, he said he has a feeling im already pregnant and it would be a waste of money. Lets hope hes right xx
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