Can I get PG while on antibiotics?

Hi all,

I am going to the doctor this morning as my throat is so sore I can hardly swallow. I get tonsilitis 3/4 times a year and know this is it again. They're likely to give me penicillin today for maybe 5-7 days. I'm on CD6 so they could clash with OV days (new CBFM will tell me!)

Do you think they could affect our chances this month? I'd rather have a sore throat and live with it if it means more chance of getting PG but if it doesn't affect it then I will take it cos my throat is awful.

Any advice welcome.

Thanks xx


  • Hi emily
    Not sure if you can get pg whilst on antibiotics but you shoudl take them because if you are ill you are also unlikely to conceive as the body will not accept pregnancy unless it feels healthy.
  • hey, i'm cuurently on anti biotics and am on cd4, i've heard of people getting pg when on the pill and taking anti B's because it stops the pill working! i would say they're fine and would only worry if you ahd already ov'd, mine are really abd to take if your pg so i held off until my AF arrived, just in case! xx
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