Testicle torsion

Does anyone know of anyone who's had this and gone onto have kids? I was filling in the forms for our fetility appt. and they asked that question on there, which was when I found out dh had it when he was at school. He was told it wouldn't be a problem, and the info i've found on the net says the same in most cases. So why is it one of the few questions on the forms?!

I really hope it's not that that's been preventing us from getting that all important bfp! :cry:

Any help would be appreciated ;\)


  • Hi there

    I am sure that one of my oh's friends had this - and he has now 2 lovely children. I heard that it doesn't affect fertility at all (even men with 1 testicle do not have diminished fertility).

    (I might be wrong, but I think when they do surgery to correct the prob, the testicle is fixed with sutures to prevent it happening again - in which case they would prob just need to know the answer as a general health question).

    +++++++Seding lots of babydust - I am sure all will be fine+++++++++
  • Oh thanks luckymumoftwo, my pma has lifted! I'm not going to clinic till aug and was getting inpatient lol.

    Baby dust to you too xxx
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