Just a question as to which hpts everyone uses? are any better than the other? obviously cbd are good, but any cheapies reccommended otherwise i may bankrupt us with my poas addiction. ive been using supermarket ones. Thanks :\)


  • Hi there, i've heard that Superdrug ones tend to be quite good. I think i will work up by doing an ebay cheapy, then a superdrug and then a clearblue to make sure!! Due to test tomorrow but finding it so hard not to go POAS right now, lol! Good luck to you.x
  • Thanks, that would kill me too. Im not sure whats going on with me- due wed gone and no af, done a test fri but bfn, not sure if my cycle is just messed up cos ive got a cold. Was thinking if it hasnt arrived my next wed i will test again to make sure but i doubt i can wait til then. hate getting my hopes up, got no symptoms of af or pregnancy either so im just in limbo. Good luck to you whenever you test, i would sneak a test but it would be nice to do it with your oh
  • Fingers crossed you get some answers soon Kaiti x
  • the first time I was preg I used superdrug ones, I think they were called pregnatest or something. This time I am using the pregtest ones from EBAY, they say they are super sensitive but I've done a few tests and all Neg - AF is due tomorrow
  • hi. i used superdrug ones, two reasons, i cause apparently they are good and 2 cos they are on offer. When I got my bfp first response we're on offer so i actually had those and i used a cbd. I also used a tesco one but i didnt like that one much the line was too faint for my liking!! lol
    btw, I had bfn;s all the way up to a bfp 2 days after af was due!! fingers crossed yet!!
    Good luck
    Caz 6+4 xxx

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  • oh there is hope Caza82!!
  • Thanx girls, all this is hard work isn't it. Just need to know either way, if af comes at least i can start thinking of next month x
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