BFP is now a BFN

Hi ladies,

well as some as you know, I did a test yesterday morning and got a BFP. It was faint but clear, my OH saw it too so I know it wasn't just me.

Anyhow I went back upstairs a few hours later to take a pic and it was gone.

I've done another test this morning and it was BFN unfortunately.

Has this happened to anyone else and gone on to have a BFP???????????????

I feel very deflated, and hubby is mad with FR. I still have hope, I am CD26/12dpo today so it might be too early. I have no signs AF is on her way and I had a 26 day cycle last month.

Wish me luck. Might not be on here for the next day or two as hubby thinks it gets me all stressed out. Think I'm now gonna hold out til Weds and hope in the meantime AF doesn't show.

Congratulations to all the other BFPs, but I'm NEVER gonna test early again. xx

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  • Was it a FR test you used both times?

    Try to stay positive - AF isn't here and so many ladies on here say that a line is a line. Maybe the second test just didn't pick the hormone up for some reason? At 12dpo it must still be very very low levels. Good luck for when you test again. xxx
  • Yes, both FR. Thanks Tilty. Am trying to stay positive. Hubby is right when he says it is not over yet, I just feel like the rug has been pulled from underneath me after feeling so happy yesterday. xx
  • OH HUN

    My SD tests got lighter as the day went on and by the time hubs got home for me to show him 8 hours later there was almost no line at all

    Really hoping it coz u tested early I'll Keep my fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • OH HUN

    My SD tests got lighter as the day went on and by the time hubs got home for me to show him 8 hours later there was almost no line at all

    Really hoping it coz u tested early I'll Keep my fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • didn't want to r&r but hope it turns out ok
    pma!! xxx
  • Please dont panic yet hun. I did a FR test yesterday and got a good line. Did an asda HPT this morning and its so so faint that I dont think I would have seen it if I had not got a BFP yesterday.
    I know mine were 2 different tests but it should have been a better line 2day as used FMU which i didnt yesterday.
    A line is a line and even if something had gone wrong it would still show a faint line.
    I think you just got a dodgy test. Try again in a few days.

    Lots of PMA xxx
  • I have been reading about 'false positives' and don't have much hope it was a true result now. Apparently they are common with FR. Its bloody ridiculous, I will be so angry if so as its just not fair to do that to someone, there should be some warning on the box at least.
    Anyway, am trying to keep the faith. STill no sign of AF, got the odd tugging cramp, CM which is unusual for this time of month, so here's to hoping its just to early for hcg to be abundant and it just picked up a trace yesterday that was too weak to stick.
    Am going to try and hold out now, one test left and will wait until after AF is due, I can't bear the disappointment.
    Thanks for your support girls, it really makes me feel better. xx
  • More creamy cm (sorry tmi!), so here's hoping my hcg levels are just to low to show/stick. xx
  • Hi,

    I had this happen on a FR, a clear line that then disappeared after a few hours and unfortunately for me I definately wasn't pregnant. I also had 3 lines appear on a FR (really dark too) and turned out that was a faulty test too. I think FR say line needs to saty for 48 hours for it to be a true positive. However, I completely understand your frustrations and I ceratinly won't use them again as they messed with my emotions twice and for the price of them you'd think they could do better!

    Anyway sorry to ramble on, that was just my experience but I would test again with another brand maybe.

    Fingers crossed it really is a BFP

  • Oh honey, fingers crossed for you! PMA PMA PMA! ***Baby dust!***
  • Thanks ladies, well have resisted the urge to test this morning, and am cd27 today. I going to get a couple of different brands today (definitely no FR!) and MIGHT try one tomorrow depending on how I'm feeling.

    Still no signs of impending AF. Got creamy CM, odd tummy cramp (not like AF cramps) and last night had some stabbing pains on one side so hopefully that may have been bean settling in.

    We had friends round last night and one directly asked if I was pg (they don't know we're trying) which was a little strange.

    I managed to fool everyone I was drinking by having Schloer - I normally have white wine and lemonade and it looked identical - a good ploy for for anyone who wants to avoid booze in the 2ww without everyone knowing!

    yes, PMA, PMA PMA!

    Am now stocked up. Got superdrug (BOGOF - 4 tests for 4.99 bargain!) and CB digital. I harumphed and grumbled past the shelf with FR on. Not sure yet if I'll do one tomorrow or possibly wait til Weds, will see how I feel/if AF shows up.


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  • Fingers crossed hun, really hope its your bfp xx
  • Aw so sorry to hear your in limbo, Cant believe FR can give false positives, i mean how rude, they were meant to be 1 of the best brands for testing early an all. They might as well stop selling pg tests in the shop if they cant give us a true result and we might aswell go to the drs to get tested.

    Try with the SD tests, they are quite good, and good luck!

  • I dont think FR are all theyre cracked up to be. I had a bfn at 14 dpo when I was pregnant with my daughter. AF was due that day and not even a hint of an evap line. It was nearly a week before I tested again and got a really dark line straight away. I was charting bbt so I knew my dates were right.
    But thats not as bad as a false positive, thats just nasty!!
  • Well, CD 28 today, 14dpo and two more BFNs this morning.

    I don't think its our month. Ah well. No AF yet but I have a feeling she's on her way, so am counting myself out.

    I am so deflated after a Saturday BFP. I've decided to send a stroppy complaint letter to FR - won't change anything but might make me feel better.

    Good luck to everyone else still waiting.

  • Thanks Suzanne, I will try and stay hopeful but I really think she's on her way. TMI but my CM has now gone darker/bits of pink/tiny spec of blood on tissue too, and I think the cramps are now AF cramps. Gutted, but will positively move forward to month 3 now.
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