does anyone else struggle

to bd every other night. I am finding it difficult, we are both just to tired, by the time we get home from work cook tea do the washing etc. we go to work at 7 and dont get home till 7. is anyone else struggling. i have just bought a cbfm to see if that helps so i dont feel so bad not bd every other night. x


  • Hiya, we do, but thats mainly because OH works away, thats why im not gonna bother with the ovulation kits and stuff, just going to let nature take its course xxxx
  • Hi hun yes us!! we do hubby was working away but hes walked off site and left the job due to hardly not earning anything and I couldnt afford to support him being away to pick up brass buttons every week. Hubby is self employed and since recession hit his work has suffered badly.

    We struggle to BD every other night and I have very long cycles so we try to up the ante nearer the time although I dont use OPK's all month so I never know if I could be ov earlier than planned and missing it!!

    Trying to now let nature take its course after a crap 2 months of confusion.

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