TMI question: EWCM or preseed?!

Hi ladies,
wonder if you can help me with a gross out question sorry!

I was due to ov yesterday (cd15) and today I would appear to have what is ewcm.
I'm not using OPKs. I had ewcm earlier in the week so thought I was on track for Weds. Had it Mon, Tues and very small bit Weds am, then none since til today.
Now we BD last night. Its not semen I know as OH didn't complete! So, I'm now wondering if its the preseed or I've not ov'd yet? Anyone else using preseed had this?

Anyone know how to spot the difference beween ewcm and excess preseed????

We're going to try again tonight just in case. We have so far successfully BD on 10, 12 &14 (very late at night), so am hoping if I did O yesterday we got the egg just in time.


  • Bump! Anyone help?!
  • Hi Loobylou!

    I think it's probably the pre seed. I used it this month and i would say I've had EWCM every day since last wed but I not that doesn't really happen. Really think it's the preseed!

    I would try BDing again just incase though!! This month we BD'd longer than any other month right up until CD18 just to make sure xo
  • Hi G/C from DIN
    I used preseed the month I got my BFP.
    If you've "put it up" just before you BD - then it will come out mostly the first time you go to the loo afterwards and then the next time after that.

    Why don't you do a test just before you BD - check your CM then compare it to some preseed - see if there is much difference.

    Keep BD'ing anyway - if you aren't tracking your ov exactly - then it's going to give you more chances just in case you are randomly having a later cycle

    Good luck
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