strange period?? ummm

hey there,

ok well i need some advice, i been having strange time of it, since last tues i been spotting pink discharge very light, i wasnt due till this tue,....we been trying for a baby, had back ache sore boobs the works...

anyway, had no blood up untill sat night was spotting red blood, then yesterday i had a period day, not loads like but had bad period pain, and today as of yet nothing. not even period pain?..ummm..i wasnt due on till tomo never early or just seems bit strange? does anyone else think that???....could i be preggers ?? or am i just crazy lol xx:\?


  • There's only one way to know hun... !!

    Really hope thid is your BFP!
  • Do a test image

    I was due on last Thus and on the day I started bleeding but was so light and lasted about a day so yesterday I could not resist and took a test and got BFP so I done 3 more tests and all were BFP image

    Good luck xx

    Gem x

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