Trouble posting!

Is anyone else having this problem?!

I've tried posting in 2 threads, and I can't. But others it'll let me!! xx :\?


  • hiya seems to be posting ok for me. but some of the pages doing weird

    hows you anyway.xx
  • I'm able to post now. But same, page looks strange! Before, wasn't showing my submit box at all!!

    I'm fine thanks, trying not to symptom spot! You? xx
  • trying not to but it so hard isnt it. got stitch like pain in my side and bbobs re sore on and off but trying not to get hopes up coz i am just off pill so could be that.xx
  • I've got tender nips, stabby pain in right ovary. Both of which I had last month. I've not slept past 8am for 3 days, so I'm putting my tiredness down to that. But yesterday I went for a nap (which is rare for me) then couldn't go to sleep!

    I just read something into everything! Only about 2-3dpo, so have started early! lol
  • as i said earlier i find it so hard not to. i still feel quite relaxed bout the whole thing so hoping i will actually be ok with a bfn. although not much else i can do about it if it is except try again. only thing is we need to try and not fall next month coz its chloe's godfathers wedding in may and he would be devastated if we missed it and if i fell next month it would be due round that date so couldnt travel.
  • Oh the timing of it all!! xx
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