and its too early!! Donor is lined up for tomorrow, saturday or sunday and I have started with it this morning. I am hoping that there is more because of the EPO but have sent him an email to see if he might be available today if I start to get ov pains. Oh I hope I hold out until tomorrow!!


  • Ohhhh noooo! How annoying, dam body!! Maybe the ewcm is just building up to ov. I hope your donor can make it earlier if needed!! Fingers crossed for you hun. xxx
  • It could still be okay, as OV could still take place tomorrow, and the egg will be about for 12-24 hrs. Try not to worry, and if you can do it twice in a day, that would be better.

    Good luck
  • dont worry OV could still take place tomorrow and ewcm can last upto 5days which doesnt necessarily mean ov is on first day. look out for the pains though.
    good luck x
  • Will do, problem is after describing them for debbiemc I am now imagining that I'm having them!!!
  • dont give up hope girl! ewcm can appear 3-5 days before ov so if your donor is there tomorrow it could still be all good! tons of luck and babydust xx
  • He can be here today if needed-phew-except now I dont feel like its going to be today-lol!!!
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