TTC after a C-Section?

Hi Girls, Firstly i should introduce myself as i dont think their will be anyone here that remembers me from when i was TTC. I had my little boy Jacob in September last year so he is 8 months now. It took us 7 months of actively TTC.

He was born via c-sec as he was breech. Does anyone or has anyone concieved after a c-sec? If so how long after? was you advise to wait a certian length of time? did you suffer any problems/pains?

Sorry for all the questions DH and I have decided we would like a close age gap and are going to see what happens for a few months before actively trying again!

Look forward to getting to know you all xxx


  • hey hun, welcome! I had a c section with my little any jake ( how mad with the names ! ) lol! I had my little boy in apr 2007 and have just found out im preg after comin off the pill in march, so it took me 2 months, obviously iv had a 3 year break but when id had him i wasnt told to wait with ttc or warned of anythin, all i would say is check with your doctor or have a look on google?? Im sorry im no help but just saying hello! Good luck ttc hun x x x x x x x

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  • boy! Not any! Ha ha! Im on my phone, so predictive text! Lol! X
  • Lol i thought any jake? That's a funny name - too early to be reading for me I think haha
    Anyway, I had dd in Dec 08 by c-section after I went 15 days overdue and had a failed induction. Because I bf her, I had no af for ages so when got first one in Jul 09 I went to the doctors to see about when can start ttc and some 10 year old told me to wait 'for sake of couple of months'. So we followed the medical expert for a few weeks and I fell pregnant in Sept 09 lol I lost the baby at 18 wks unfortunately but there was never any problem with my section scar and I did have a bump and even though he was still small i gave birth naturally and again there wasn't so much as a twinge from scar.
    If you think it's healed and haven't any problems with it then don't worry- by time you get bfp and start to show after 12 wks it'll be nearly a year anyway. That's just my opinion
    Good luck x
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