CBFM v's temping???????

Hi ladies,

Am feeling confused at the mo and hoping someone can help.

Came off the pill last June but only had two AF's in four months. Since then things have settled down and my last four cycles have been between 32 to 35 days.

I am using CBFM and also charting my temperature. I had three highs (CD 20, 21 & 22) and two peaks (CD 23 & 24). Initially FF thought I'd ovulated CD 22 but I suddenly had a significant rise in temperature CD 27 and now it says I ovulated CD 26.

Ultimately I guess if I've missed it there's not much I can do it but it would be nice to know where I am (hate not being in control of ttc as i usually plan everything!!!).

So which should I trust, CBFM or temping/FF????????????

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