cbd ovulation stick, cd 17 still no positive????

hi, ive been using the cbd ovulation sticks since cd 7, i still havent had my positive? im testing every morning as it says on the instructions. could i miss it or will it show up 4 a couple of days? we have been bd;ng every other day since cd5 but im really worried i will miss it? any advise please thankyou xxx


  • I know you said your going by the instructions and im new to opk testing but on the ones I have seen they say to test in the later part of the day as its opposite to HPTing as your LH surge goes up in the afternoon.
    Im sure you have read it correctly just wondering :roll:

  • sounds like ur doing everything right miss-to-mrs. I didnt get my pos till cd22 so u still have time image x
  • hi, thankyou for your quick reply, oh right, ive just read somewhere that u normally get it 10-16days before ur next period is due. trying really hard this month so hopefully its a lucky month for all of us. xxxx
  • good luck hope it comes + soon x
  • Hey miss-to-mrs, im on CD18 and still no + either?? been getting slight cramping today but still no positive. ive read alot of post where people have been getting + later on like cd22 and stuff so i would worry youve missed it.
    Im doing same and just bd'in every other day.
    good luck.xxx
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