Newbie here desperately need help with HPT...

Hello all,

I am really hoping someone can help me, I think I'm going crazy! According to my calculations I am 11dpo today. I tested with a cheap test from babymad this morning with FMU. I waited the 5 minutes and BFN. Anyway, for some reason I didn't throw it straight out and when I came back about 30 minutes later, there was a very faint line where the positive line is. When I saw this I decided to do another test and the exact same thing happened.

Now, I know you are not supposed to read them after the 5 minutes but my crazy mind has gone into overdrive convincing myself that it *could* be positive as it happened twice! I don't want to go and spend a fortune on clearblue tests until I am a little closer to 14dpo.

Has this ever happened to anyone??? Please help me! image


  • hi hun, clear blue aint that sensitive, so i wouldnt go speend lots on one, as u may still get a BFN, i would say test when AF is due, or in 2-3 days, with FMU with FR test, and see what happens? any symptoms? good luck xxxxxx
  • Hey hun, I would also try with a Superdrug own brand test - they aren't too expensive and loads of the girls on here say they are one of the best as very sensitive. Good luck!!.x.
  • Thanks so much for your replies!

    *Me* - Thanks for the advice, I will definitely do that. As for symptoms, I have incredibly sore boobs and I'm pretty sure the veins are much more pronounced than usual, I'm going to ask DH's opinion later! I've also had some mild cramping towards the end of last week and weekend. I'm aware that I am so focused on my body that I feel absolutely everything, so it's hard to tell what is normal or not!

    Trixie - Thanks for the advice about the superdrug tests, think I know where I'm going tomorrow!

    Thanks so much for your help, I will keep you posted image
  • yogibear - good luck with your testing. I will say wait few more days as it could be an evaporation line which I hope it isnt image
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