Cheap E Bay PG tests

Does anyone know how effective they are? Are they any different from Clearblue etc?


  • i was wondering this- i just got preseed, 15 ov and 10 preg tests for ??9.99 which is crazy when you think how much one clear blue test is! It makes you think they can't work!!
  • If they are the ones that you collect a sample for, then they work really well. It's just a dip stick type thing.
  • sorry, I used both ov and preg tests x x
  • The ones I have are the dip stick things x
  • They are supposed to be good! I have them but can't say as have not have BFP yet!! lol!!But they are the same as the doctors use xx
  • Ah thats fine then, the ebay shop did say that they are used by the nhs. Its just because they are so cheap it makes you wonder. Think i'll do another one in the morning. They make poas addictive when they are so cheap :lol:
  • Don't worry, its the same as anything you pay for the brand plus convenience of not having to collect a sample (thats why others are more).
    Good luck x
  • You will certainly become addicted like th rest of us!! I hope it's a good result xx
  • The tests you buy on ebay are in my opinion better than the very expensive shops ones - they are also very sensitive and can get a positive result about 3 days before your P is due. I know this as I have bought them and bingo - positive result! baby due next march
  • I use the ebay ones. Got pos on both opk and hpk with them. I think they are fab. And cheap enough to poas ALL the time!! Yay!
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