My Wish........

Hi Ladies,

I have had an idea.....i really wanted to set up a wish thing on here but i wasn't sure how but i have had an idea. I want you to write your wish for 2010 (NOT a resolution, your biggest wish) then when you have done so highlight it and change the font of the wish to "tiny".

This way no one will see our wish so it will definitely come true!!! Only God and the wish fairies will see it!!!!

I wish.....that in 2010, preferably closer to the beginning of the year i managed to get pregnant. And the baby will stick to my womb perfectly and i will have a healthy 9 months with my bean inside me and he/she will be born a beautiful, bouncing, bubbly, healthy baby and Stephen and I will love him/her forever as well as each other!!!

Tink xxx


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  • I know you can see the writing a little bit but DONT READ IT!!!!
  • aww how sweet is that idea, ok here's mine...

    I wish that in 2010 (hopefully when I test on the 10/01/10) I will get a positive on my pregnancy test and the little bean will hold on so tight to me. I wish that it's a happy & healthy 9 months and at the end of it Aaron and I will finally hold our beautiful baby

    Hope this is a wish-fulfilling thread!! xx
  • that is a lovely idea, Tink :\)

    here is mine

    This coming year I would like to sort out my future, know where my place is and I want to share this with my wonderful husband Michael. Will I be studying, working? I don't mind but one thing I most certainly want is a baby which will make life infinitely more exciting and I know that having a lil person inside me will give me more strength to find my way.

    hope all our wishes will come true
  • Fab post Tink! Here's mine

    I hope that me and my husband get the baby we long for in 2010. I wish for a BFP as soon as possible, a healthy 9 months and a healthy baby, giving us the family I am desperate for.

    Good luck ladies xx
  • Tink you are a posting genius!

    Here is my wish.

    My one and only wish for 2010 is to have a healthy, happy, giggly baby.

    Let's hope those wish fairies have good eyesight!
  • Here's mine..

    Please can my wish that Grace will become a big sister be granted this year. I don't want her to be an only child.
    Oh dear thats made me cry now!

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  • couldnt make it small image

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  • What a great idea. here's mine...

    I wish that we get our BFP and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. I also wish that my family stay happy and healthy, and maybe we can save enough to get married? (Sorry it's asking a lot.)
  • Awwww i didnt know if anyone would go along with my idea. rosemary just highlight the wish when you have written it and chance the font size to tiny. hope this helps xx
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