im very shocked at what ive just read

Hi gals i had to copy and paste this. i found it on the implanon site( arm implant) ive had two of these in and just read this im very worried as ive had two mc after having the 1st rod removed and very scared this time if i fall pregnant.

That is not entirely true about it can't make you infertile. This is copied and pasted from the Implanon's website: "Failure to remove IMPLANON????????? may result in infertility, pregnancy outside of the womb (ectopic pregnancy), or inability to stop a drug-related adverse event." s/index.asp?C=49786402857112268519&svarqvp2=0&comp onentid=186835&sourcepageid=126638#186820


  • Hi,

    Don't worry! I think you have interpreted the info incorrectly. I also had implanon until Feb and read the same thing online myself. I had to double check it as I had the same panic myself when I skim-read it!

    What it refers to 'failure to remove implanon', NOT effects after the implanon is removed.

    So the effects described above are *only* referring to a situation where the implanon stays in your body (e.g. if the nurse has trouble removing it / you just don't get it taken out!)

    Hope that puts your mind at rest! xxx
  • thank you hunni.xx
  • No probs - I had the same worry myself when I first saw it!

    Lots of babydust to you. xxx
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